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/11. four americans were killed in libya including ambassador chris siebs and sean smith. foreign service information management officer. the names of the two others have not been r same time, egypt, angry mob stormed the u.s. embassy, tore down our flag and tried to replace it with a black flag with the words, "there is no god but god in muhammad is his messenger." greg palkot joins us now from london. explain to us, is there an al-qaeda link here? >> there could be al-qaeda link. experts are look at the possibility that this could have been attack by those in alliance with terror groups. as you noted, well regarded ambassador to libya for the united states chris stevens and three other american officials overnight in benghazi. rocket-propelled grenade, machine gun, setting the place on fire. the latest report say that the u.s. security officials struggled very hard to save the officials. steins ended up in the benghazi hospital. later, he was found dead. now officials are working at video from the anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, number one in al-qaeda. ayman al-zawahiri. he admi
a new friend. look at libya. you now have hacks covering for obama coming out gainst american values. take a look at slate. where one guy faults the united states for the silly first amendment. it's not them. it's us. i say we are turning in to big brother, but that's racist. >> eric: oh! >> bob: there's a start right there. >> greg: thank you. i am on muscle relaxants, no wonder what i did there. >> kimberly: no wonder you're so friendly. >> greg: i'm friendly all the time. you just ignore me. you talk about the polls. i want to talk about rush limbaugh. he's talking about how the polls reflect the mind set or ideology of democrats, not america as whole. take it from there. >> the purpose of the people right now, most of them doing the polls, they're trying to make news, not reflect it. advancing an agenda. they all have different jobs. the polls are the replacement refs. they watch and they see certain things and don't see other things. they don't call certain things. other things go by. it has to be some truth to that, right? >> bob: no. they're not all republicans or democrats. r
is deteriorating by the hour. violent anti-american riots are growing now. what started in egypt and libya now spread to yemen, tunisia, iraq, elsewhere. at this hour, two navy destroy years plus a team of marines are scrambling in the persian gulf. go live to fox news foreign correspondent leland vittert on the ground in cairo. put a picture -- >> reporter: eric, this i belowe is a large street battle going back and forth between the egyptian police and riots in egypt as they try to storm the u.s. embassy, the egyptian police now 48 hours after the rioters got inside the compound are able to push these people back using a combination of tear gas, and rubber bullets that is now continuing well in the night here. 11:00 p.m. in cairo. it's still going strong. ricochets of the rubber bullets is piercing the air here in cairo. the difference, though, the equipages police defending the embassy compound and keeping the rioters out. they're a combination of heavily anti-american and angry over the anti-prophet muhammad movie. a number of them chanting "with our blood, our soul we defend you, o, proph
and say 48 hours for you to condemn the attacks. i've had it. meet with libya and get an update. do what romney can't do. be president. then let everybody report what happened behind closed doors and make sure the message is strong. if you were in charge, that would not happen. they would not go on the view. >> bob: if i was in charge i wouldn't wear a pink tie. >> brian: you are so jealous. >> bob: say one thing if i could about the netanyahu thing. all the rest of this, i agree. down on the vegas trip, a bad idea. netanyahu wants the meeting because he wants to get a public line in the sand drawn. the red line he is talking about. netanyahu is setting obama up. glad obama is not meeting with him. do you think they're so stupid not have a meeting with netanyahu if they thought they'd make progress? netanyahu wants this meeting for his own politics. i don't think you should give him that. >> dana: president obama should want it for his politics. >> bob: wrong. >> eric: you can still meet with president obama and not draw a red line. >> bob: they meet on the phone, right? >> dana: only af
in egypt and what happened in libya was not some spontaneous reak to a stupid 13-minute video on youtube. richard nixon was forced out of office because he lied. because he covered some stuff up. i will be blunt and tell you this. nobody died in watergate. we have people dead because of this and there are questions to be answered. >> andrea: it's not just republicans concerned about this. just yesterday, senate democrats also started demanding answers from the administration. greg, we're 17 days out since we learned this was a terror attack. even leon panetta said this was a terror attack. but nothing from the commander-in-chief. shouldn't he have been honest the first place? >> greg: this is confusing to me. the response is let's coordinate it, with an engineering major. if he knew it was terror, they're now say it's terror, why did you go to vegas on day one? was al-qaeda playing craps at mgm grand? catching a show at the renetian? possibly carrot top? none of them were on message. the big coup here was imprinting the idea that the video was responsible in the media and the public.
in libya. each day that goes by it gets worse and worse for the administration. now to refresh your memory, here is what ambassador susan rice said on september 16. remember, u.s. intelligence officials have told fox news they knew on september 12 it was a terror attack. >> this was not a preplanned, premeditated attack. what happened initially was it was a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in cairo. as a consequence of the video. >> andrea: why would the administration try to sell us that story? >> so why did they deceive in it's obvious. the attack took place five days after the democrats spent a week in charlotte, out thing, spiking the football on bin laden. >> the reason we call it benghazi-gate it contains the grim prospect that the administration knew or should have known. this is the one cancer on the presidency. dare i say that. >> we have been lied to. we flat out have been lied to. everybody with two eyes and i.q. above plant life understands that what happened in egypt and what happened in libya was not some spontaneous reak to a stupid 13-minute video on youtube
americans in benghazi, libya. he wasn't a filmmaker. al-qaeda terrorist with ties to blood bloo bin laden held in. sufyan bin qumu. see this no, spontaneous reaction. but for some reason, the obama administration is linking the violence to a movie. >> and as i have said, the video that sparked the protest is disgusting and reprehensible. eric: that was today. here is white house spokesman jay carney yesterday. listen. >> based on what we know now, and knew at the time, we have no evidence of preplanned, or premeditated attack. >> eric: jay carney today says it's self-evident it was terrorism. so americans deserve some answers. why won't this president call a terrorist a terrorist? hillary clinton, madam secretary, smart lady, do you really think it was all about a movie? jay carney, c'mon, you know better than what you have been saying. ambassador rice, please stop insulting our intelligence. this is a coverup of the highest levels of the united states government. don't they realize this just emboldens al-qaeda? andrea, the issue here is what is the perception in the muslim world? what is
, the world is crumbling. american diplomats dragged through the street of libya. pakistani libya putting bounties on american citizens' heads. here at home, the american economy is in shambling. obamanomics turned it to food stamp obama nation. war on jobs is crushing the middle class. as american cities declare bankruptcy for the first time ever. so, go ahead with "the view." go ahead with "letterman show." the clooney dinners. i understand you're eye candy. i understand you have your priorities. unfortunately, your priorities don't line up with ours. >> bob: that was very depressing. >> eric: it is depressing. >> bob: okay. >> eric: it is depressing. the man has time for the view and letterman but can't meet with netanyahu or tackle the major issues going on in america: jobs. >> bob: i would venture to say most presidents up for re-election, general assembly of the u.n. in september of election year don't have a lot of bilateral meetings -- >> dana: if you're going to say that, why don't you check it out first. we have polls who do things like that all day. >> bob: i checked in with --
, predetermined. >> eric: all right. who do you believe? d.c. bureaucrat or the interim president of libya? greg, kick it off. >> greg: this is as spontaneous as a moon landing. how can you say it's a coincidence? like saying you went to a strip club and it was a coincidence you had a lap dance. it happened on 9/11. that is not a coon dense. where does president obama find these people? susan rice, jay carney, did he get them off craigslist? try a temp agency like manpower. they're really good. america deserves better than these hacks. this is like the keystone cops or a special episode of "facts of life." >> dana: but, greg, it comes from the top. they are saying what they were carefully planned to say, which is that if you blame a video, after on thursday, president obama says the terrorist attack. saturday morning the state department said, the right thing to do, we're not commenting on this anymore. by sunday morning we are brushing this under the rug saying it's based on a video. >> greg: i haven't seen this many abouttures since open mic night at comedy cellar. >> eric: ambassador rice hit
the incidents that happened in libya with what happened in yemen, egypt, yemen. there were some reactions to the video. i'm telling you, i think what happened in libya is to be separate from the other places. >> dana: i agree. >> greg: if they believe, some people believe the movie is at fault, they will have a real, real issue when the bin laden movie comes out in a few months. i have a solution that i think the white house will embrace. if they take the new bin laden movie and they overdub it to make bin laden rusty. then they release that. maybe we will get all the people to finally love us as they see us asas name him. >> greg: you will not be on "the five" for long. >> dana: you're destined for bigger things. i have a legal question to kimberly. a question that catherine herridge on fox news has been asking over and over is the f.b.i. going there? why haven't they arrived yet? is it because it's unsafe? what is the other reason if you are the administration you want the f.b.i. investigating this? >> kimberly: this is their dog and pony show. instead of handling this through the milit
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four americans in libya was terrorism. eric has details on both. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back. fox news obtaining intelligence documents suggesting the deadly attacks on egypt and libya may have been effort to protest imprisonment of the man behind the original world trade center bombing in 1993. the radical islamist, called on burning it down to demand the release of sheik abdel-rahman. now they are worried that even discussing the release of the blind sheik would be seen as, "sign of weakness and lack of resolve by the united states and the president." kimberly, i was in the building when the thing blew up. i felt the building shake. that man, the blind cleric, the blind sheik, the mastermind behind that. he's imprisoned in north carolina but there may be negotiations. maybe, maybe not. >> kimberly: buzz behind the scenes that there is a negotiation going on, based on the humanitarian concerns. we heard that before. they want him back and said like to get him back and support the people, et cetera. for me, this is a surprise. do i know it's directly related? it
attack. the al-qaeda connection, everybody in eastern libya -- >> eric: bob, bob -- >> bob: let me finish. >> eric: please finish. what you are saying is incorrect. >> bob: it's not incorrect. i bet you whatever you want to bet, there is nothing, any intelligence report. i listened to the intelligence guys sit back and they guess what happened. how would they know? f.b.i. is investigating this. they weren't on the ground. if they knew so much about it, how come cnn got ahold of a diary by the ambassador? it's the most ridiculous concept i've heard. >> eric: so according to our reporter, u.s. officials confirm they had several intelligence assets on the ground, c.i.a. on the ground, sealing to protect assets. understand this. ambassador stevens was killed with another seal. four hours later, two more -- four hours later, two more seals were killed in the annex. in the time between the two, somebody had to know they were being attacked. >> bob: it's not a question they knew they were attacked but to confirm the intelligence agency, that the finding this is a terror cyst attack it's not poss
week. >> dana: that we didn't even hear about. in the aftermath of the protest in egypt and libya, he was asked about egypt in an interview with telemundo and he said that egypt is not an ally. hours later, the own state department corrected that and said technically, sir, they are an ally. they had to back track on that. you heard nothing from the media. that is a serious gaffe. this is a president who basically just said to our ally that you are not one of us anymore. maybe he said something he believes. but talk about a gaffe. on a presidential level. that is a big one. nobody is talking about it. >> eric: we talk about what mitt romney said. we talk about the expending class. instead of talking about what president obama has not said, how he is going to make sure the expander taker class comes the maker class. what happens when 47%, joe, of nonhousehold pay no income tax, federal income tax? what happens when that is 51%? when it's 451% the class in office, democrats who enabled that are in there for life. it's obvious. >> i think that is right, that is absolutely true. but here i
extremists in an attack that began on september 11 at the consulate in benghazi, libya, were brought home. chris siebs played a key role to help free citizens from muammar gaddafi. foreign service information management officer sean smith joined the state department after six years in the air force and leighs behind a love -- leaves behind a loving wife and two small children. former navy seal glen doherty deployed to some of the most dangerous places on earth and was an experienced paramedic. tyrone woods sevened multiple tours in iraq and afghanistan and leaves behind a loving wife and three sons including one born a few months ago. all died in service to our country. they leave behind grieving families, friends, and colleagues. eric, today very, you know, sad day, just thinking about the live, the families, the friends, the americans, the value the service they have given to this country so faithfully and honorably. your thoughts on the me moral day. >> eric: hard to put in words, kim. the whole newsroom at that moment when we saw them starting to bring the casket in and the whole plac
in the u.s. similar attack happened at the u.s. consulate in libya today. it's the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. we have a live report on ground zero of the remembrance there as well as the pentagon and thanksville, pennsylvania. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to "the five" in new york. ♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to five five. mort zuckerman is one of the wealthiest americans and editor in chief of "u.s. news and world report." if 2008 he was unapologetic supporter of then senator obama. in the president's first term, mr. zuckerman has done a sharp aboutface, going so far to admit it was a mistake to vote for him in the first place. his criticism is intensifying. we get to op-ed he wrote in a moment. but first here he is on hannity last night. >> they know what is going on and they know the job market is worse than what you read in the headline of 8.1%, which is misleading number unfortunately. the real problems are greater than that. one thing that is interesting is the quit rate. what that is, is people willing to quit their job beca
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 54 (some duplicates have been removed)